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 +<span class="​htmlO_K_header1"​ > Manitoba Visual Arts Network Archiving Project</​span><​br />
 +<span class="​htmlO_K_header2">​ Searching Indexed Web Pages for information</​span>​
 +</​center><​br />
 +There are two ways to search for material in the Manitoba Visual Arts Network Archive.
 +<li style="​margin-left:​ 15px;">​You can use this Form, which institutes a search across the entire Manitoba Visual
 + Arts Network Archive. ​
 +<li style="​margin-left:​ 15px;">​Or,​ you can search through the individual archive collections of member organizations,​
 +catalogue listings, etc.
 +For a description of the differences between the two,
 +<A href ="​javascript:​ajaxFunction('/​cgi-bin/​sch_art/​read.php?​file=mbvan/​reso/​sarchive.html'​);">​
 +click here. </a>
 +<br />
 +<br /><br />
 +<form name = "​vp_search"​ action="​javascript:​make_query('/​cgi-bin/​sch_art/​rarc'​);">​
 +<B> Enter up to 8 words: </​b> ​ <input type="​text"​ name="​KEYS"​ size = 60> <br />
 +<input type="​radio"​ name=BOOLEAN value="​OR"​ checked> Match Any Term<BR />
 +<input type="​radio"​ name=BOOLEAN value="​AND">​ Match All Terms <BR />
 +<!-- input type="​hidden"​ name=INXPATH value="/​home/​virtual/​mbvan.org/​webroot/​htdocs/​mbvan/​archive/​index"​ --> ​
 +<input type="​hidden"​ name=INXPATH value="/​home/​mbvan/​www/​mbvan/​archive/​index"> ​
 +<input type="​hidden"​ name=INXNAME value="​mbvarc"> ​
 +<input type="​hidden"​ name=ARRAYVAL value="​0"> ​
 +<INPUT TYPE="​checkbox"​ NAME="​IMGS"​ VALUE="​1"​ > <​b>​Display Images (by default no images are displayed)</​b>​
 +You may wish to increase the number of images displayed, particularly
 +when there are lots of small logo-type images. The default maximum is
 +<​i>​three</​i>​ per page,though more or less may be displayed, depending on
 +context. ​
 +<INPUT TYPE="​radio"​ NAME="​XIMGS"​ VALUE="​0"​ CHECKED >[ 3 ]&​nbsp;&​nbsp;​
 +<INPUT TYPE="​radio"​ NAME="​XIMGS"​ VALUE="​3"​ >[ 6 ]&​nbsp;&​nbsp;​
 +<INPUT TYPE="​radio"​ NAME="​XIMGS"​ VALUE="​6"​ >[ 9 ]&​nbsp;&​nbsp;​
 +<INPUT TYPE="​radio"​ NAME="​XIMGS"​ VALUE="​9"​ >[ 12 ]&​nbsp;&​nbsp;​
 +<INPUT TYPE="​radio"​ NAME="​XIMGS"​ VALUE="​12"​ >[ 15 ]&​nbsp;&​nbsp;</​b>​
 +<br /><br />
 +<input type="​submit"​ value="​Begin Search"​ class="​htmlO_K_button">​
 +<input type="​reset"​ value="​Reset"​ class="​htmlO_K_button">​
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